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Novi Real Estate Choose APSIS One To Develop And Automate Communication

With a strong foothold in the Nordic market, APSIS has provided digital marketing solutions for almost two decades. With the launch of APSIS One in 2019, APSIS has moved from providing several different marketing solutions to a single all-in-one marketing platform. Since its launch, hundreds of companies have decided to pursue their data-driven marketing ambitions with APSIS One, and APSIS is happy to announce the latest addition to an ever-growing customer portfolio.

Swedish property management company Novi Real Estate decided to take their next steps in digital marketing with APSIS One. As a company that’s passionate about developing businesses, companies and properties, they believe APSIS One can provide them with additional insights and the ability to automate their communication. Alexander Johansson at Novi Real Estate believes that APSIS One’s capabilities are a great fit for their needs.

APSIS One offers capabilities that can be leveraged for internal and external purposes, such as revenue generation, customer satisfaction, employee communication and maintenance. Alexander Johansson finds the potential intriguing and looks forward to automating Novi’s communication:

“We see great potential in marketing automation to alleviate employee communication. Smart workflows will help and facilitate some of our work processes, and provide the smooth and fast feedback that today's tenants desire. But the new opportunities aren’t limited to external communication – we will also be able to create flows for our internal communication that I know will harbour a lot of value.” 

APSIS One has been developed with ease in mind – easy to navigate, use and communicate through. This is a key aspect of the decision-making process according to Alexander Johansson:

“We value the simplicity of being able to create and edit marketing material. The interface is simple and easy to understand, which makes the work smoother, faster and less complicated than other programs we’ve tested.”

Alexander, Novi Real Estate
Emma Dyga

At Novi, we constantly strive to develop and modernise our daily work. We see great potential with APSIS One in terms of simplifying our internal processes for external communication with our tenants. As the process of producing communication material is smoother and more efficient than our previous solution, we can add new communication opportunities.

APSIS has been a strong player in the Nordics for many years, with a focus on email marketing. With APSIS One, we have shifted our focus to providing a strong solution for data-driven marketing. For us, that is a solution that can simplify and personalise internal and external communication with the least possible effort. I’m excited to follow Novi Real Estate’s journey with APSIS One, as they are looking to use a lot of the platform’s capabilities both internally and externally.